A complete omnicanal CRM

  • A simple, natively multilingual user interface
  • Manage your entire customer relationship as well as orders taking and follow-up
  • Very easy to interface with your e-commerce platform

Manage your customer relationship in a centralized tool

ideogram desktop display a order with a magnifying glass

Save your sales orders in a few clicks with a real omni-channel tool and an intuitive business interface

ideogram several circle linked with each other with basket gridbees logo and PIM acronym

Easily access your order history

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Find your customers' information in your repository by searching in a simple way

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Export your customer information, orders, suppliers and distributors in one click

ideogram a hand touch a smartphone display a basket and several shop item around

Use email templates for more efficiency and keep all your communications for easy reference

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Assistance in the entry of postal addresses


Centralize all your orders regardless of the channel on a simple tool

Check the stock in real time when ordering. Gridbees instantly let you know the availabilities.

Your unsuccessful orders not sent to the back office are saved


Omnichannel by design

For a pleasant and consistent customer experience, all of your interactions are easily accessible on a single centralized tool.

Gridbees allows multi-orders

Increase your conversion rate by adapting to the needs of your customers as much as possible by offering a multitude of possibilities for payment and ordering.

Keep an eye on your business

A panorama of your activity and your performance accessible via our business intelligence tools.


Easily adaptable to your different markets, countries, channels

Determine and manage the commissions you want to assign to your distributors

Easy management of points of sale and withdrawal and postal addresses


A success story

Conforama uses Gridbees to manage all its customer relationship


Adjustable editions to fit your needs

An intuitive and easy-to-use tool to get started
Without obligation
1 to 10 user(s)
SaaS Cloud
Basic support
from $45 per month
A scalable platform that grows with you
Secure API Services
11 to 49 users
Available in Cloud
Personalized support
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A reliable universal PIM to handle many types of products in large volume
Secure API Services
50 + users
Available in Private Cloud / On premise
Support + Monitoring 24/7 + Customer Success dedicated
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