Omnichannel client inventory - CRM

A CRM & client service / a complete Call center omnicanal

The Gridbees CRM has a simple, natively multilingual user interface, allowing you to manage your entire customer relationship as well as order / booking and tracking.

Administrate the relationship with suppliers and distributors as well as commissions has never been easier. The Gridbees CRM is also composed of a help service for the standardized input of postal addresses.

Several CRM services

Customers - A single, centralized customer repository to manage and track your entire customer relationship by easily viewing all the information about your customers

  • Customer search
  • Consultation of customer data (customer card, addresses, orders, …)
  • Creating a new client
  • Customer modification
  • Prospect Management
  • Deduplication of customers (rules of uniqueness)
  • Event registration (customer notifications)
  • Sending personalized mails (promotional, event, confirmation of orders, …)
  • Tracking order history

Orders - Gridbees is also a dedicated solution for order taking, order tracking, multi-payment

  • Orders search
  • Order and order line consultation
  • Commande status and paiment consultation
  • Update status of orders (payment, shipping, cancellation, returns)
  • Orders recycling and real-time interfacing with your Back Office
  • Backup of orders not completed and not sent to the back office
  • Registration of reasons for returns and cancellation
  • Event registration (customer notifications)
  • Management of cancellation conditions fee
  • Availability management in real time
  • Management of distributors' commissions

Supplier / Distributors - Real-time exchanges for greater efficiency

  • Suppliers / distributors search
  • Consultation of suppliers / distributors data (supplier / distributor details, addresses, products, …)
  • Creation of a new supplier / distributor
  • Supplier / distributor modification

More info

With Gridbees CRM, keep an eye on your business by reporting your business or logistics performances. Use indicators to measure your results and changes.

Focus on the components of the booking engine

CRM and Booking services are exposed to your Front Office (merchant sites, cash tools, …)

  • Management of theoretical and real availabilities of products
  • Consultation of published offers (products sold together)
  • Consideration of retrocession and replenishment deadlines
  • Stock allotment
  • Real-time products reservation at suppliers
  • Management of booking times by customers / suppliers
  • Payment methods (CB, cash, check, Paypal, …)
  • Type of payment (prepayment, billing, …)
  • Product confirmation in real time at suppliers
  • Management of commissions information
  • Transaction security management
  • Order promotions management
  • Channel contact (email, mail, phone, …)
  • Recycling processing