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Why become a Gridbees partner?

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Sell an innovative solution
and adaptable with high added value

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An omnichannel service platform
business-oriented for e-commerce

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additional income

Gridbees is also a team effort

The strength of Gridbees lies in its technological and commercial partners but also in the variety of service providers and other quality providers with whom we collaborate on a daily basis. When you adopt Gridbees, you also choose its vast network of professionals. Want to progress together? Let's work together !


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CS Technologies

CS Technologies and Gridbees team up to. :

  • - offer a complete turnkey eCommerce site for the world of distribution

  • - assists companies wishing a complete redesign of their e-commerce sites up to the Front Office

The publishing company CS Technologies is a historical partner of B2T which counts among its references La Redoute, Atlas Editions, Luxxotica (Ray Ban)

CS Technologies's Theseus CMS allows the management of different sites in the same installation connecting with different Back Offices and the dynamic management of the Front Office, including the management of the page templates.

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Gridbees is an associate member of the FEVAD (French acronym for "federation for ecommerce and mail order sell") community alongside other companies providing services for e-commerce websites.

Through this Gridbees maintain a constructive and follow-up dialogue with the e-commerce professional. A proximity that allows a better understanding of their e-commerce challenges and thus the ability to offer them a solution tailored to their needs.

By using Gridbees FEVAD affiliated e-commerce websites focus on their core business, improve their conversion rates and increase their turnover.

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