Term of use

What is the demo and how to use it

The Gridbees demo will give you a concrete idea of ​​what Gridbees is capable of doing. It's just one of many possibilities for personalization and adaptation. Gridbees does not guarantee any data or processing that may be performed by this application in demonstration mode.

The data of demonstration are not real and any data you put in is public. Indeed this online demonstration is shared by all the users. The demo is reset every two days.

Privacy policy

According to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) find here below the complete list of what you according to when you register :

  • I authorize Gridbees (i.e. B2T) to keep my email, phone number, the name of my company name, my general interest for five years
  • I authorize Gridbees (i.e. B2T) to track my IP as it could be used for technical analyse
  • Since Gridbees.com website uses Google Analytic service, I agree with the general Terms Of Service of this service
  • I authorize Gridbees (i.e. B2T) to share my email, phone number, company name, general interests to his partners

Those informations will be used only for commercial,business purpose related to Gridbees.