¿Quiénes son nuestros clientes? ¡Conócelos!

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Ambitious companies that excel in their respective fields (retail, tourism, multimedia), our customers have in common the desire to push their E-commerce activity further.

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Our clients understand the importance of a successful digital transformation. They are aware of the impact it will have on the daily life of their teams, on their efficiency and performance.

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Our customers opt for Gridbees to accelerate their E-commerce development. They grasped the tremendous value of an innovative, powerful, reliable tool that meets all their business challenges.

¿Por qué eligieron Gridbees?

Facing limits:

  • - of technology due to the age of their products
  • - of migration of their internal solutions
  • - of features of their tools: batch mode vs real time
  • - of performance: unsatisfactory response times for their requests
  • - of safety of their environment

Our customers have chosen Gridbees for:

  • - its Core Model architecture
  • - the advanced technologies used (Docker, Micro services, multi-tenant, asynchronous and non-blocking, documentary base)
  • - the ease of integration into heterogeneous environments: MQSeries, Webservices
  • - the great responsiveness and experience during integration
  • - the 24/7 support
  • - the hosting on Google Cloud Platform in SaaS and private SaaS mode
  • - the attractive offer, Gridbees is up to 3 times less expensive than competing products for equivalent services. No magic wand, a motivated, passionate and experienced team and open source technologies


Conforama (España, Portugal, Islas Canarias, Islas Baleares y Madeira), líder en venta minorista, elige la plataforma Gridbees para administrar todos los datos comerciales de su sitio web de comercio electrónico e impulsar pedidos web en tiempo real en tiendas físicas.

El número de pedidos web de Conforama España se ha cuadruplicado desde que usan Gridbees

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Paris CityVision

Paris CityVision, No. 1 en París (Turismo), elige a Gridbees como la plataforma oficial para la reserva en línea de todas sus actividades turísticas.

El volumen de negocios de Paris CityVision ha experimentado un fuerte crecimiento en menos de un año de uso de Gridbees

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Atlas For Men

Filial de Éditions Atlas, creada en 1999, el catálogo y el sitio web de venta a distancia Atlas For Men ofrece ropa y accesorios para actividades al aire libre para hombres y se distribuye internacionalmente y está presente en más de 16 países.

Gridbees apoya la venta y promoción de productos Atlas For Men, así como todas las operacionesque se pueden llevar a cabo en el sitio.

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