Functional documentation
Order management

Gridbees simplifies and automates the entire order fulfillment process. It consolidates orders from multiple channels, optimizes inventory management, and ensures accurate and timely order processing.

Gridbees enables businesses to implement dynamic pricing strategies. Gridbees can adjust prices in real-time based on factors like demand fluctuations, inventory levels, seasonality, and customer segments.

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Order management


A single, centralised customer repository to manage and monitor your entire customer relationship, with easy access to all your customer information:

  • customer search
  • consultation of customer data (customer file, addresses, orders, etc)
  • create a new customer
  • modification of customers
  • manage prospects
  • deduplication of customers (uniqueness rules)
  • record events (customer notifications)
  • send personalised emails (promotional, events, order confirmations, etc)
  • order history tracking


Gridbees is also a dedicated solution for taking orders, tracking orders, multi-payment:

  • order search
  • order and order line consultation
  • order and payment status consultation
  • update order status (payment, dispatches, cancellations, returns)
  • order recycling and real-time interfacing with your Back Office
  • save orders that have not been completed or sent to the back office
  • recording of reasons for returns and cancellations
  • recording of events (customer notifications)
  • management of cancellation charges and conditions
  • real-time availability management
  • distributor commission management

Suppliers and Distributors

Real-time exchanges for greater efficiency:

  • supplier / distributor search
  • supplier / distributor data consultation (supplier / distributor file, addresses, products, etc.)
  • create a new supplier / distributor
  • change supplier / distributor

Pricing services

Each time a basket is submitted, pricingservices check all the data in the input basket as follows:

Gridbees' pricing service sumary
  • cleans the input basket by removing all prices, promotion rules and attached products
  • calls other Gridbees API services:
    • to retrieve the reference price set in the back office
    • to retrieve the reference products attached to the offer
    • to attach any supplier data (commission rate, billing method)
    • to attach the list of subscriptions and subscription preferences, if applicable
    • to attach any customer loyalty programmes
    • to update the basket with this reliable information
  • if subscriptions are managed, the pricing department checks for subscription conflicts.
  • if a promo code or coupon code is attached to the basket, the service checks the validity of this code (limited number, single-use code not burnt, publication date).
  • the modified basket is submitted to the promotion engine:
    • to select all eligible promotions
    • eligible promotions are applied in order of salience (from highest to lowest salience)
    • the behaviour of eligible promotions is applied to the modified basket
  • all final prices, discounts and adjustments are calculated and the resulting basket is returned to the frontend application
  • a hash is calculated from all amounts and sensitive data to guarantee all prices returned by the service.