Functional documentation
Setting up your first promotion

In the promotion menu, you can create a new promotion.

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Configuring the Header

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields used for promotion eligibility:

  • active period of your promotion, available from start date to end date
  • "combinable with another promotion" checkbox, set to "false" by default. This means that if this promotion has already been applied to the basket, no other promotion can be eligible
  • "commission discount price" checkbox, set to "false" by default. If set to "true", when a discount is applied to the basket, the commission must be recalculated on the discounted price
  • order sorting priority for applying eligible promotions to the basket (highest first)

Type of promotion:

  • no limit means that only the other conditions define the eligibility of this promotion
  • good means that this promotion requires single-use codes to be triggered
  • limited number, the "Limit" field becomes mandatory. This means that only N orders can be purchased with this promotion

Optional fields

Optional fields used for promotion eligibility. If an optional field from this list is defined, the promotion engine will check the value of the field in the input basket:

  • postcode
  • market
  • sector of activity
  • promotional codes

Optional fields not used for promotion eligibility:

  • promotion title
  • company code

Promotion Rules

A promotion can have several rules. Each rule can have many conditions and behaviours.

For a given rule, the promotion engine checks the header conditions and each of the rule conditions. The rule is eligible if all these conditions are met. Once the rule has been elected, all the behaviours of the rule are applied.

Formulaire de nouvelle condition

Setting up your Conditions

Basket amount

Basket amount ≥ 100 euros

Nouvelle condition
Business contributor

Checks if the supplier is KLOOK or Viator

Nouvelle condition

Setting up your Behaviours

Add a product

Adds PJED offer (100% discount)

Nouveau comportement
Basket discount

10% discount on the value of the basket

Nouveau comportement
Saving the rule then the promotion

Once all the conditions and behaviours have been created, you can save them in a rule.

In this way, you can create as many rules as you need for the same promotion. All the promotion rules will share the common conditions defined in the header.

To finish, simply save your promotion. Only promotions with the status PUBLISHED and a period that is still active will be loaded by the pricing service.

Creating your first single-use code campaign

When you create Voucher promotions, you need to use campaign management to create the single-use codes attached to that promotion.

The Gridbees promotion tool can create millions of vouchers in just a few minutes.

Une campagne

Select the promotion from the list of promotions,

Define a code for your campaign. This code is required to request the creation of single-use codes via API,

Enter a description,

Select the period during which the campaign will run:

  • the start date and the end date. Coupons created will have this fixed period
  • the number of days. In this case, when the coupons are created, the start date is the day of creation, and the end date is the creation date plus the total number of days

If necessary, add the total number of coupons to be created. It will be possible to add new coupons at a later date.

Les détails de campagne

To add new vouchers to this campaign, use the "Add Vouchers" button.

When you add new coupons, you can define eligible conditions for these coupons (country, market, sector of activity, supplier).

Ajouter de nouveaux coupons

Once the campaign has been created, use the Export button to export the coupons to a CSV file.

Exporter les coupons