A universal PIM and a commercial repository in one tool

Gridbees' universal PIM is extremely flexible thanks to its workflow that will allow you to model your products down to the last detail. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can manage your offer catalogs, product repository and stock with great agility.

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product catalogue

A modular solution ...

Our PIM will allow you to create all the products of your choice very easily. A table, a ticket, a pair of shoes, a movie: for Gridbees, no difference!


Product management

Model all types of products for all industries



Easily translate all product information

catalog of offers

Catalog of offers

Manage the package, terms of sale and services


Inventory management

Real-time product availability, stock allocation


Points of sale

Store repository, repository

Tailor made for your needs

With a workflow to perfectly describe your products for your customers and manage all the specific attributes.



Create dynamic product sheets taking into account all types of attributes and characteristics of your products


Adopt a true Omni-channel approach with an independent repository for all your products and offers


Create a variety of commercial offers for your markets

Shared Tool

Get your teams and suppliers to work together around a shared tool


All your product content available for your customers and partners


Go global with our translation management module

What else

Create & modify product sheets

Import products from Middle office

Manage product attributes & images



Manage properties

Version Management

Publish catalog offers

Media management: offers & products

Supplier stock Mgmt.

Allocate stock : channels, customers, sales

Create, import, modify offers

Price Management

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"Over the last 6 years the e-commerce turnover of Conforama Iberica has been growing steadilyā€¯

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Jean Carpeti
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